Using iPads in the Classroom

The iPad is a “21st Century” device that can change the way you and your students access the web, share media, and learn on the go. This workshop will cover an introduction to the iPad and will be fun and full of hands-on activities for personal productivity and classroom integration.


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Device advantages
Here's what the iPad brings to the table from the perspective of educators.

Screen size, touch interface -The 10-inch screen renders content beautifully and has a nice large touch interface that students with motor skill issues can work with easily.

Battery life - The iPad advertised a 10-hour video viewing battery life. Even with a 6-cell battery, a netbook would only last four hours.
Predictable user experience -Students pull the iPad out, hit power, and jump into an app quickly. Because the process is so fast, teachers don't lose much instruction time. "You know when you open an application that it’s going to run. You know what it’s going to do. Everything happens the way it should happen 99.9 percent of the time."

Communicating, consumption -With the iPad, you don't have to worry about outlets, power cords or battery life. And they're fantastic for communicating, e-reading and Web browsing.
Device limitations, challenges
But the device does have limitations and presents challenges we will need to overcome.

Sharing devices - In one-to-one pilots, sharing can be difficult. For the device to be effective in the classroom, you need to have your own because it's a personal device that leaves a data footprint. Sharing the iPads doesn't allow students to make them their own, and there's a learning curve to acquire the skills you need to effectively use the touch interface.

The touch interface - The touch interface and the keyboard of the iPad can be difficult. The more students use it, the more they become comfortable.

Moving Documents from the iPad- Moving documents made on an iPad to another device can be tricky. offers the best alternative for students.
20 iPad Cart at the High School
10 iPad Cart at the Middle School

How to use the iPads in class
This year we are experimenting with how the iPads are used in class. Some activities have worked more effectively than others. In many cases, we're hamstrung by our need to share the iPads. The resultant inability to store personal student data on them (such as login information) has made it difficult to use many apps and web services. Their use in class has been focused primarily on the following activities:

A. Reference tool - Teachers can use the iPads extensively as a research tool. Students use the Google app for general web research and we also subscribe to several web based library services that students can access.
B. Documents and Presentations - The specialized apps we have used most often involve reading, creation and marking up of documents and presentations. The apps include:
§ Pages and Office HD for word processing and note taking
§ Keynote for creating presentations
§ for distributing documents to students
§ Safari for browsing the web
C. E-Books - Since the availability of quality digital textbooks for the course curriculum being covered is pretty thin, e-books and textbooks have not been explored at this time.
D. Collaborative Projects - The size and weight of the iPad make it an ideal tool for group work and it can easily be passed around and shared.

Lets Learn!

Instant On


Tap and Hold
Double Tab
Flick (Scroll)
Tap and Drag
Pinch & Stretch


Pages = Word
Numbers = Excel
Keynote = Powerpoint
Copy and Paste Image into Pages

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