21st Century Skills are a necessity

  • Where does wood come from? Using your phone, text a Code to 22333. Use the codes below for your answer. Made by www.polleverywhere.com


    • Video "Where does the mass of a tree come from?" (Harvard Grads Project 2061) http://www.learner.org/resources/series26.html?pop=yes&pid=77 (3:30 - 4:50) When kids on a playground were asked the same question they gave the same response.
    • What is the answer? Research in Groups of 3, Using your ipad and Safari, find our where wood comes from. You have 5 minutes.
    • Problem - Difficult to transfer knowledge from classroom to real life.
    • Physics Professor Mazor from Harvard says we need to teach by questioning. A majority of students cannot apply knowledge a minute after they learned it.
    • Why do the Harvard graduates fail the Wood question (Use Draw or Draw Free on your ipad to respond)
  1. They never learned it in the first place
  2. They forgot
  3. The Question was out of context of where they learned the material
  4. Their Childhood Experience trumped good teaching.

Mazur concluded that...
  • The most important learning is the conversation kids have with each other
  • Mazur observes student learning in Social Networking Tools and designs his instruction around the conversations and understandings they have.
  • Teachers are working in a modul which has been designed for kids to fail
  • We need to teach to understand by using websites such as www.wolframalpha.com
  • Daniel Pink "A Whole New Mind" says When answers are easily attainable then the value of each answer is less.