School District of Lower Moreland Township

District Technology Committee Meeting

March 11, 2010, 3:45 pm


Recap of February meeting
Follett Update
PATI for Instructional Staff – March 1, 2010 – May 14, 2010
Helpdesk improvements (ending Approval, Assigned to Tech, Closed, Closed-DB entry req.)
How to deal with SPAM
Murray Avenue to Pine Road move update
LOTI (Levels of Technology Integration) –
Group ID and Password = Pennsylvania
Enter the LOTI lounge
Take LOTI Digital-Age Survey (20 minute survey) (LOTI Results, PCU Results, CIP Results)

PETE & C Highlights

Follett Update

Update on District transition 2010-2011

Virtual Locker discussion (G drive, P drive)

Technology Professional Learning Needs 2010-2011

Schoolwires Web 2.0 Solutions Suite

National Education Technology Plan Draft
Review it, comment on it, and help to refine it.

Strategic Planning Goal Activity/Discussion on 1:1

School Concerns/Issues

District Technology Committee Meeting Schedule
o April 13, 2010
o May 25, 2010