School District of Lower Moreland Township

District Technology Committee Meeting

November 12, 2009, 3:30 pm


Recap of October meeting
Murray Avenue Inservice review

Best Practices in Video Conferencing - 3:30pm - 5:30pm - Magpi Video ConferenceThis seminar explores the best classroom techniques for videoconferencing, virtual field trips and where to find content providers. Although we'll begin with an overview of various virtual field trips, each seminar features a particular content provider. After participating in this session, educators will understand the basic premises of virtual field trips, know how to use the CILC and MUSE to find resources

Web Filtering Discussion
As users become more reliant on Internet resources, our district will need to look closely at websites that impact our bandwidth. We estimate that 20-30% of our total bandwidth was being used for internet radio. For example.

Here’s how it breaks down.
One popular website, , uses a 128kbps audio stream.
1Mb of traffic is 1000kb
We have a 20Mb internet connection which equals 20000kbps.
If 50 users listen to a 128kbps audio stream, that’s 6400 kbps which equals 30% of our total Bandwidth (Continuous)

The district pays roughly $24000 a year for our internet connection
So using internet streaming radio not only uses valuable bandwidth, but can cost the district about $7200 a year.

Employees and students all share the same internet connection. Please keep this in mind when using the internet. To ensure that unblocked websites are educationally sound, the District Technology Committee will review the needs for the future.

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School Concerns/Issues

District Technology Committee Meeting Schedule
o December 17, 2009
o January 14, 2010
o February 9, 2010
o March 11, 2010
o April 13, 2010
o May 25, 2010