School District of Lower Moreland Township

District Technology Committee Meeting

October 13, 2009, 3:30 pm


Introduction of Committee Members
Welcome Jim Wood

Purpose of the Committee -

· To assist in implementing the Educational Technology Plan for the Strategic Plan.
· To establish how technology will be used to enhance learning.
· To provide a forum to discuss technology best practices.

Budget Process Review/Discussion
Purchasing Procedures & Forms
· District Technology Program Planning and Technology Purchasing Guidelines
· Program Planning Recommendation for Technology Form
· Software Database

PDE Webinars website

Classrooms for the Future -

State expects districts to sustain and build on the CFF program and the momentum of the excellent progress schools have seen throughout the state.
· Evaluation – long term impact of using technology with education (CFF observation tool) For the first time this year, student-level achievement data in 300 randomly selected 11th grade CFF classrooms to understand the relationship between the increased access to technology and teacher training the the CFF program provides and academic achievement.
· Professional Development – includes district provided, state sponsored and the online 21st Century Teaching and Learning Series.
· Coaches – funding is still uncertain, IU TIMS and PDE mentors will continue to support them.
· Equipment – locally funded, PA PACT Funds or Title IID EETT program funds.

New Technologies

· Internet Connection to MCIU (internet 2)
· Video Conferencing - CICL and Magpi resources website
· Mac Cart at HS for Video Editting, Broadcast Journalism, Intro to Garageband
· World Language Lab

Act 183 Grant

In November 2004, the Pennsylvania General Assembly passed Act 183 which created an annual $10 million E-Fund to assist schools with purchasing telecommunications services, hardware, technical assistance and distance education. The Pennsylvania Department of Education released the E-Fund Grant Guidelines for 2009-2010 and the application was available July 27. We submitted a proposal on behalf of the remaining schools not connected in PA. The anticipated announcement date of E-Fund grant awards will be on December 11, 2009.

· Redesign
· staff intranet
· new features (calendar)
· webpage guidelines

Laptop Cart Guidelines

Sticks and Stones: Cyberbullying program Video

On Wednesday, October 14 from 9:30 am to 10:30 am, Attorney General Tom Corbett will facilitate a presentation of “Sticks and Stones: Cyberbullying” at the Montgomery County middle and high schools. “Sticks and Stones: Cyberbullying” was created by the Office of Attorney General to address the trend of online bullying. The program shares the emotional stories of two middle school students who were victimized by their own peers. Through education and awareness, the Attorney General hopes to stop the devastation caused by this growing epidemic. Attorney General Corbett will be presenting live at Keith Valley Middle School in Hatboro-Horsham School District while the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit streams the live presentation to the other Montgomery County schools. Video streaming is available to a maximum of fifty (50) sites throughout the county. During this presentation, Attorney General Corbett will speak directly to the Montgomery County youth about understanding, recognizing, and reacting to Cyberbullying. Scenarios of unfortunate outcomes of Cyberbullying will be illustrated and depicted in emotional testimony.

Web 2.0 Tool of the Month -

School Concerns/Issues

District Technology Committee Meeting

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Best Practices in Video Conferencing - 3:30pm - 5:30pm - Magpi
This seminar explores the best classroom techniques for videoconferencing, virtual field trips and where to find content providers. Although we'll begin with an overview of various virtual field trips, each seminar features a particular content provider. After participating in this session, educators will understand the basic premises of virtual field trips, know how to use the CILC and MUSE to find resources
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